Whole School on One Site Trial from September 2022

Summer 2022

Earlier this year the Board of Governors resolved to consult staff, parents, pupils on the following proposal:

To unite the school community onto one site from September 2022 for a trial period of at least one year

We ran an online survey and also hosted a public consultation & parent forum event in the school hall on Wednesday 27 April. Thank you to the significant number of you who contributed to the consultation process by completing the survey and attending the parent forum event. We found both a great way of understanding the variety of views, thoughts and concerns in our school community.

Parents, carers, staff and governors alike completed the survey in the first stage of the consultation and of these, 75% supported the move, 15% were unsure, wanting to hear more about it, and 10% were not in support.

With such a high level of support, and the unanimous approval of the Board of Governors, the move to one site in September is therefore confirmed.

From September 2022, all staff and pupils will be based on our Alderton site for a trial period of at least one year.

We do acknowledge the importance of governors and staff understanding your concerns and the need to work together to address these. The parent forum event was a vital element of this process and we are grateful for everyone’s time and contributions. It was a positive experience and your feedback has confirmed that view also amongst parents.

The uncertainties around moving to one site were openly discussed during the consultation process and focused primarily on the logistical plans, especially the structure of class groups. Everyone understood the need for moving to one site and the positive impact this will have on the whole school. We were able to talk constructively with you about the challenges and concerns of the move and emphasis our commitment to engaging positively and flexibly with our school and village communities.

Now we have confirmation of total pupil numbers for September, Mr Greaves has adapted the class structures in light of the feedback you shared, and these will be as follows from September:

Class One - Reception, Year One and Year Two pupils

Class Two - Year Three and Year Four pupils

Class Three - Year Five and Year Six pupils

We have had many meetings with colleagues at GCC and their contractors regarding the works which will be taking place on the school site over the coming weeks and months. 

The key elements of this project are as follows:

Installation of new fencing and security entry system to the front and side of the school (note please the stone walls will be retained as a key part of the project’s aesthetic aims and the fencing will be placed immediately behind the walls on the school site)


Clearing the rear of the school property to create space for high quality functional outdoor learning environments which directly link to our ground floor classrooms


Installation of close board fencing to the rear of the property and secure entry/exit points


Reconfiguration of first floor area to meet the school’s current needs, including creation of an upper Key Stage 2 library space and break-out area for our children in Years 5 & 6 plus a dedicated multipurpose meeting room


Installation of double doors to allow access to the new outdoor learning area from our largest ground floor classroom which will become the heart of provision for our younger children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


Installation, adjustments and improvements to current provision of other facilities such as sinks in classrooms and age allocated toilet units


Re-establishing use of the second ground floor classroom as a full time facility for children in Year 3 and Year 4, including replacing the fire door to provide more natural light and access to the outdoor learning areas


Playground revamp, including removal of hedging to extend grass area, improve facilities and provide open access to resources for the children to use during break/lunchtime and as part of our wraparound care service (breakfast and after school clubs commencing in September)

Information about the above has been shared with our village communities in Alderton and Dumbleton via the Parish Councils, public notice boards and other communication outlets including village What's App groups, newsletters etc.  Copies of both letters are provided here to assist you.  

As always, please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

Adam Greaves - Head Teacher   head@oakhill.gloucs.sch.uk      

Victoria Leather - Chair of Governors   chair@oakhill.gloucs.sch.uk

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