Woodpeckers Breakfast & After School Clubs

Our Woodpeckers Breakfast and After School Clubs are open every day to all of our pupils.  Bookings and payments must be made via your Parent Pay account.  Registration and consent forms must be completed before your child's first session.

Please download the information pack provided below to learn more about Woodpeckers. The pack also includes all registration & consent forms plus user agreement. All forms and agreement must be completed for each individual child attending our clubs.

  • All bookings to be made in advance via Parent Pay
  • Payment to be made at the time of booking
  • Emergency/short notice bookings taken in emergency circumstances
  • Late pick up will incur additional charges
  • Registration form must be completed for every child in advance of first session
  • Health and dietary requirements to be shared in registration form so staff can meet any specific individual needs
  • Wrap around care programme will reflect the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning focus on healthy eating as part of Better Health = Healthier Families
Click to Download Information Pack and Registration Forms - WRAP AROUND CARE v.02 190722 [pdf 219KB] Click to Download

Breakfast Club

  • 7.45am – 8.40am Monday to Friday
  • £5 per session
  • Breakfast included in cost
  • Breakfast options will include toast, cereals, fruit and yogurt.

After School Club

  • 3.15pm – 5.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Snack and refreshment options offered daily for example, selection of chopped raw veg, crackers, cheese, ham, fruit
  • After school club provides children with a chance to unwind and enjoy imaginative informal play.
  • We provide a wide range of activities including: 
    • Arts and Crafts - Junk modelling, clay, painting, colouring, puzzles and more. 
    • Creative play - Lego, Duplo, Dressing up, cars, animals, dolls, building blocks, etc. 
    • Group games - Hide and seek, ball games, tag, etc. 
    • Board and card games - Uno, Scrabble, Guess Who, Connect 4 and many others. 
    • Outdoor play weather permitting. 
    • Movie afternoons. 

Breakfast and After School Club Booking and Fees

Wrap Around Care Club Charges are:-

  • £5 per session for breakfast club including breakfast & drinks
  • £6.50 for the 3.15pm to 4.30pm after school club session including snack & drinks
  • £8.00 for the 3.15pm to 5.30pm after school club session including snack & drinks
  • £6.50 for the end of ECA’s to 5.30pm after school club session including snack & drinks

Reserved places must be booked via Parent Pay

  1. Login to your account and select “Payment Items”
  2. Select the appropriate option (bearing in mind different options are available i.e. different times for after school club) and confirm the payment amount. 
  3. Payment must be made in advance at the time of booking. 
  4. Minimum payment is for one session and a maximum limit is set to £100 which can be placed on your Parent Pay account for each club.

All sessions and clubs are subject to availability.  Early booking is highly recommended.

One off bookings can be made, though priority is given to those making regular bookings.  Emergency and short notice bookings can be made in emergency circumstances.

What are ECA'S?

ECA’s are Extra Curricular Activities: We will use the term ECA’s to help families differentiate between ‘traditional’ after school clubs such as rounders, dance etc and our wrap around care after school club.  ECA’s will be offered, some by staff/volunteers and at times by external providers. These sessions will run for approximately 45-60 minutes and children can either be collected when they finish or move into the wrap around care after school club.