Our Curriculum Intent and Implementation


Our INTENT is that every child leaves Oak Hill CE Primary School, at the end of Year 6, equipped with our Mission Statement. To enable him/her to have the confidence and ability to continue to grow and develop as a whole person, as they progress onto the next stage of their educational and spiritual journey as active members of our local and wider communities. We are a Thrive School and its approach is central to our identity as a school. We want our children to be emotionally resilient and better placed to engage with life and learning. Our golden threads through our curriculum are:

  • Resilience
  • Cultural Development
  • Courage and Independence


Our IMPLEMENTATION is carefully considered and is reviewed regularly to ensure the best possible outcomes and experiences for our children.

Teachers draw on their strong pedagogical knowledge when delivering our rich curriculum, and there is a focus on continued teacher CPD to support that understanding.

We base our approaches upon the need for children to ‘know and remember more’. This means that teaching sequences build in opportunities for retrieval and rehearsal of core concepts and ensures that these transfer into the long-term memory. As a basis for our theoretical pedagogical approach, we focus upon Rosenshine’s Principles in Action as developed by Tom Sherringham and his Walkthru materials:

  • Present new material using small steps
  • Provide models
  • Provide scaffolding for difficult tasks
  • Ask questions
  • Check for student understanding
  • Guide student practice
  • Obtain a high success rate
  • Independent Practice
  • Daily Review
  • Weekly and monthly reviews.

We currently operate a three year rolling plan in our KS1 class and a two year rolling plan for our KS2 classes.


As a Thrive School we have high expectations for the IMPACT of our Curriculum in 3 strands.

Knowledge and Skills – Our children will have the knowledge and skills as a firm foundation for the rest of their educational journey. They will have high levels of competency in English and Maths and the broader curriculum.

Learning Behaviours – A Year 6 pupil leaving Oak Hill will be eloquent, have high aspirations for the future and will be an enquiring independent learner who is resourceful and resilient to change or failure.

Personal Qualities – When our children begin their journey through secondary education we want them to be; resilient, self-reflective, curious, motivated with a love of learning. They are kind and compassionate and are good citizens and leaders supporting each other through their faith and into the wider communities.

Class Curriculums

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