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Key Stage 1 SATs Parent's information 

Throughout May, the Year 2 children will be sitting their end of Key Stage 1 assessments. 

They will be sitting assessments in Maths, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. 

More information can be found in this video

Although there are recommended times for the assessments to be completed in, these assessments are not time restricted and children can also have breaks through out. 

Year 2 SATs Assessments 2018 Dates

Friday 4th May – Spelling assessment.

Tuesday 8th May – Maths Arithmetic assessment.

Thursday 10th May – Reading 1 assessment.

Tuesday 15th May - Punctuation and Grammar assessment.

Thursday 17th May – Reading 2 assessment.

Tuesday 22nd May – Maths Reasoning assessment.

Due to the flexible nature of the Key Stage 1 SATs, all children may not sit their assessments on the same day as some children will be working 1:1 or in smaller groups. 

If you have any further questions please do not hesiate to contact Miss Love. 

The Evil Pea Strikes

Today when the Year 1/2 chlidren came to school, they found that their classroom had been turned into a crime scene! Using their investigatory skills, they found lots of clues and ... peas. The last clue was a letter from The Evil Pea, claiming responsibility for the terrible mess. 

We decided we would need to write and send a formal letter to Supertato to ask him for help. 

Year 1/2 Yoga 

This afternoon in Year 1/2 we had a go at doing some yoga. We focused on our breathing and stretching and learnt some new yoga positions. We tried the cow pose, lion pose, cat pose and many more. We all felt very relaxed at the end. 

Our Andy Warhol Art

In art this term, we have been looking at Andy Warhol and pop art. We looked at some of his famous work including his portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe. We recreated his repeating pattern work by working in groups to colour in images of his most famous work in different colours and even had a go at creating our own Andy Warhol inspired self-portaits. 

3D shapes

In our maths lessons, we sorted 3D shapes.  We also looked at the properties of them, including the number of faces, edges and vertices they have.  Year 2 also used a net to make a cube.  This was very tricky!

PE in the hall at Alderton

Here are some pictures of us taking part in PE at the hall in Alderton.  We have been lucky enough to have Mrs Henderson working with us for some sessions.  We enjoyed using the wall apparatus and have practised different types of rolls, including log rolls and forward rolls.  

Panto Workshop

On Monday, a member of the Everyman Theatre visited Dumbleton with props and music for an exciting workshop on 'Jack and the Beanstalk', in preparation for our visit to the Panto on Wednesday. The children listened to the story and then took part. They even practised the song!


The children used Bee-Bots and 2simple 2go on laptops and computers to help them learn about positional language in maths.


Here are Year 1 and 2 taking part in Zumba as part of our PE lessons this term.