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3D shapes

In our maths lessons, we sorted 3D shapes.  We also looked at the properties of them, including the number of faces, edges and vertices they have.  Year 2 also used a net to make a cube.  This was very tricky!

PE in the hall at Alderton

Here are some pictures of us taking part in PE at the hall in Alderton.  We have been lucky enough to have Mrs Henderson working with us for some sessions.  We enjoyed using the wall apparatus and have practised different types of rolls, including log rolls and forward rolls.  

Panto Workshop

On Monday, a member of the Everyman Theatre visited Dumbleton with props and music for an exciting workshop on 'Jack and the Beanstalk', in preparation for our visit to the Panto on Wednesday. The children listened to the story and then took part. They even practised the song!


The children used Bee-Bots and 2simple 2go on laptops and computers to help them learn about positional language in maths.


Here are Year 1 and 2 taking part in Zumba as part of our PE lessons this term.