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Dumbleton Infant Base

Oak Hill Church of England Primary School

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Little Big Learners are coming to Oak Hill

We are thrilled to announce that Little Big Learners are bringing after school childcare and private tutoring to Oak Hill.  

Final arrangements are currently being put in place to offer daily childcare and opportunities for private tutoring from Oak Hill Church of England Primary School's Alderton site.  Full details will be going out next week.

Welcome to the new academic year!

After a glorious summer break we are all thrilled to welcome you all back to school.  The staff have worked hard throughout the summer to ensure that each classroom feels new and improved.  

To find out more about some of the big changes we've made ready for the 2018 - 2019 academic year CLICK HERE.

Tennis and cricket victories

This week Oak Hill has celebrated two great sporting victories.  

On Monday our Year 5 and 6 cricket team played and won a tournament in Newent, they are now through the to County finals which will be played on Friday 22nd June.

On Wednesday afternoon our Year 2 tennis team won their tournament at Beckford Tennis Club and are also now through to the County finals.

Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 enjoying cricket coaching in Dumbleton

The Evil Pea strikes again!

This morning. when the Year 1/2 chlidren came to school, they found that their classroom had been turned into a crime scene! Using their investigatory skills, they found lots of clues and ... peas. The last clue was a letter from The Evil Pea, claiming responsibility for the terrible mess. 

We decided we needed some special help. We wrote formal letters to Supertato to ask him to help us capture the Evil Pea's minions. 

Polar Explorer Science Day

Earlier this week we had a polar researcher come into school for our science day.  The children learnt all about life in the polar regions and then carried out investigations themed around Arctic exploration.  Investigations included work on acidity, igloos, designing boats, water pressure and using fat as insulation.  

Cave art with Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 were hard to find earlier this week.  With the lights turned off they had descended under their tables to try their hand at some cave art.  Using simple charcoals, chalks and pastels they attempted to recreate this ancient form of drawing.

Valentines Crafternoon at KS1

Reception and Year 1 and 2 got together this afternoon for a special Valentine's Day 'crafternoon'. The children used paint, sequins, buttons and beads to create beautiful artwork and cards. Here are some photos of the work in progress and the completed work. 

Sharing Assemblies

We are excited to announce that on Friday 2nd February there will be sharing assemblies at both Alderton and Dumbleton bases.

Alderton's sharing will take place at 9:10am and be followed by tea, coffee and cake.

Dumbleton sharing will take place at 2:45pm, a perfect way to start the weekend.

Mythological Clay Creatures

Mrs Bowen has been working on some incredible 3D art with Year 5 and 6 recently.  

These clay models are of Mythological creatures that the children have dreamt up themselves.  They have taken inspiration from classic creatures to create these new beasts.

Year 3 and 4 Recorder Lessons

Year 3 and 4 are continuing to work with Mrs Curtis to learn to play their recorders.  These photos don't really do the lessons justice, they have to be heard to be believed!  Maybe later this year we'll be able to share some audio with the world.

Year 5 and 6 Battleships

Year 5 and 6 have been revisiting coordinates this week as well as working to translate shapes around a grid. 

To help them with their coordinates Mr Davies took them into the hall for a HUGE game of Battleships.

Preschoolers Christmas Craft - Friday 1st December 9:30 - 10:30

Miss Tarling and our Reception class would like to invite local preschoolers to join them from 9:30am to 10:30am on Friday 1st December 2017 for some Christmas Craft.  

Please tell your friends with preschoolers about it and help us make it a successful event this Christmas.  

KS2 Coffee Morning

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be holding another fantastic sharing assembly with parents on Wednesday 29th November. 
Following this Key Stage 2 assembly we would love you stay for a drink and maybe some cake with friends both old and new.

The assembly and coffee morning will be held at 9:10am on Wednesday 29th November 2017.

Oak Hill meets the West End

This year's Summer concert was a huge success.  The children did an incredible job entertaining their huge audience.  Please follow this link to see the full album of photos.

Thank you once again to everyone involved in the show, it was a definite highlight of the year.

Our incredible tennis players

Following victory at a local tennis tournament at Beckford a team of 4 of our Year 1s and 2s went to play in a County tennis competition.  The Oak Hill team was made up of Ben, Emily, Eva and Cameron.  They played several matches and did incredibly well both as individuals and as a team.  All of us at Oak Hill CE Primary School are very proud and grateful to them for representing the school so well.

Oak Hill's Music Box

Oak Hill's Music Box, our school's award winning choir, dazzled another eager audience recently.  The choir attended an evening performance at Winchcombe School and sung a stunning rendition of When I grow up from Matilda.  

A huge thank you to Victoria Kane for all of her truly incredible work with the children and to the children themselves for representing the school in such spectacular fashion.

Georgeham promotional video

Whilst in Georgeham our Year 5s and 6s were filmed for a promotional video of St George's House.  The video shows off some of the incredible activities that they were able to do in the stunning location.  

Follow this link to watch the full video.

Project Touchdown

Every Thursday morning we have Chris Andrew from Project Touchdown come to work at Dumbleton.  Project Touchdown looks to deliver high quality rugby coaching alongside the teaching of Christian values.  

The children are having an amazing time learning to play as well as developing their awareness of our school values.  This provides them with perfect opportunities to see our school values in action.

Full size photos can be found HERE

All about people who help us.

Reception have made their very own book called All about people who help us. It's an incredible group effort. If you'd like to have a read it is currently in the library in Dumbleton.

Larger photos of their work can be found on our Oak Hill Facebook page.

Georgeham 2017

Year 5 and 6's visit to Georgeham was a great success this year.  A huge thank you to Mr Davies, Mrs Curtis, Mrs Kettle, Mr Eaton and Ms Carr for going on the trip, we couldn't do it without you.  

The children were all incredible.  Hopefully the memories they made with them last week will stick with them forever.  

The first collection of photos is ready and has been uploaded as an album to the school's Facebook page HERE.  

Visiting Vet

Key Stage 1 were recently visited by a vet.  Mrs Simpson talked to the children all about what it is like to work in a veterinary practice.  She brought in some of the equipment that is used to help to make our pets feel better.  As she was leaving she asked the children if they could please look after a very special dog for the week.  She has let the children borrow some of her special equipment to work to make their patient feel better.  

Thank you to our special guest, we all really enjoyed having you visit us.

World Book Day

World Book Day 2017 was celebrated at Oak Hill CE Primary School with some absolutely incredible costumes.  The children were invited to dress up as characters from some of their favourite books.  We had an amazing mix, from Harry Potters to BFGs, Mary Poppins to Biggles!  The creativity of the children and their parents was stunning.  Thank you all for your efforts to make this year's World Book Day so special.

Children also took up the challenge of taking photos of them reading their favourite books in strange places.

For more World Book Day photos visit our facebook page.

Jack Rutter, England Captain, comes to train at Oak Hill

Our visit from Jack Rutter, Captain of the England 7-a-side Paralympic football team, was a huge success. He led the school through some intense circuit training throughout the afternoon.  The children were incredible at keeping up with the Paralympian athelete.

Jack also took the time to share his incredible story in a very inspirational assembly.  He was touched by our school's values and used them to support his story of the ups and downs of his incredible career. 

Time to Talk Day 

The 2nd February was Time to Talk Day.  Following a wonderful assembly about Mental Health led by Miss Tarling we opened the hall up at break time for children to come inside and have a chat.  The children shared some of their experiences of Mental health.  

More information about Time to Talk Day.

Young Voices

"We sang lots of songs. My favourite song was Stronger Together and Pop Medley. The stadium was very big. There were six thousand four hundred and ninety-four children." Abbie and Dulcie

"We liked the beat box collective because they made cool music! We also liked the rock star because he was awesome!" Noah and James

"Our favourite part of Young Voices was Urban Striders (Street dancing group) as well as the Beat Boxing Collective (MC Zani). The Arena was as big as a football pitch. The band was AMAZING." Romanie and Alexi

More photos can be found HERE

Paper investigation

Year 1 and 2 carried out a science investgation into the properties of different types of paper this week.  They scrunched it, tore it, folded it and got it wet.  Then used magnifying glasses and microscopes to see what was really happening in the paper.

Alongside their investigation they also had a go at recycling paper.  We tore old paper into tiny pieces, wetted it, mixed it into a pulp and then rolled it out as flat as we could.  Once it has fully dried it will be able to be used as (slightly lumpy) paper.

Oak Hill's Got Talent

On Tuesday 13 December Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to showcase their talents.  It was an incredibly entertaining morning.  We were treated to some wonderful music, dances, gymnastics and comedy.  

All of the children who were brave enough and talented enough to enter did themselves proud.  It was a wonderful morning and a great way to celebrate our amazing children.

Thank you all for putting yourselves forwards to share your talents.

Oak Hill CE Primary Nativity

On Tuesday 6th December 2016 Oak Hill held their annual Nativity at St Peter's Church in Dumbleton.  It was a magical event that showcased the children's confidence, talents and Christmas spirit.  

We were imensely proud of all of the children for taking part and helping us to create some lasting Christmas memories for us all.

Reception's water wall

Our incredibly clever Reception class have used their initative to create their very own water wall.  Using everyday objects and some wonderful teamwork they have fixed to their fence various bottles and tubes to create an amazing water wall.  

Jonah and the Whale - Open the Book

This week Dumbleton were treated to a stunning version of Jonah and the Whale by the Open the Book team.  

Gymnastics begins for Key Stage 2

On Tuesday 15th November we had our first Gymnastics lessons in Key Stage 2.  The teacher who came did a wonderful job of welcoming us to the hall and putting us through our paces.  We showed off what we could do and surprised ourselves by what we achieved.  After Christmas we will have the opportunity of having a gymnastics club with our new teacher.  We can't wait!

Remembrance Day

The children at both Alderton and Dumbleton went to visit the village war memorials and held a minutes silence.  Year 5 and 6 decorated poppies and wrote beautiful poems and prayers to help us to remember the past.

Pupils hand deliver harvest donations to local food bank.

Following our beautiful harvest festival representatives from each class were invited to hand deliver donations to a local foodbank.  The children helped Mr Holdstock to find and deliver generous donations to Winchcombe Food Bank.

Whilst there volunteers from the food bank took time to explain exactly what will happen with the food that was donated.  We also recieved a letter from the food bank personally thanking the children for their help in helping those in need.

Harvest Festival - Dumbleton Church 2pm Friday 14th October

Please join us this Friday afternoon at Dumbleton Church as we celebrate Harvest.  We'll be singing, sharing our artwork and prayers.  Food donations will be greatly appreciated.  All of the food that is collected will be taken by a group of children to a local food bank.