Oak Hill CE Primary School

Our vision and values

 ‘Jesus said, ‘I have come that you may have life in all its fullness’

(John 10:10)


At our school….

  • We value the core foundations of faith and community, welcoming  all
  • We nurture, love  and support each other as curious, brave and kind individuals in order to flourish
  • We inspire a lifelong love of varied learning and experience


Provide an environment where everyone feels safe to be curious and brave in their learning and experiences

Ensure excellent progress for every child to prepare them for a flourishing life through a challenging and exciting curriculum

All members of our school community are encouraged to have faith in themselves and in others as well as to understand how faith in God can impact our lives.

As Oak Hill CE Primary, we have the symbol of the oak leaves and the Oak tree as an important part of our identity and sense of belonging.

As a school community, we worked to link that symbolism with our Vision.

Faith – Faith is our roots, it is the core part of our mission at Oak Hill CE Primary. We value the core foundations of our faith and community. We wish to empower our community to flourish spiritually, make independent choices and to develop understanding of the meaning and relevance of faith in a full life. Faith as a foundation can take many forms; faith in God, faith in family, faith in community, faith in self and others. The love that underpins our lives.

Values – Our values are the trunk of the tree. They help us to live well. They allow all of our community to nurture, love and support each other. Developing all as curious, brave and kind individuals.

We have a value a term, over the six terms. They form the backbone of our approaches to collective worship and our school life. They are;

• Friendship and Respect

• Forgiveness

• Compassion

• Perseverance

• Humility

• Courage

Actions – Our Actions are the canopy of the Oak Tree. They are built upon our faith and values and we seek to ensure that the children have a rich canopy of green leaves and will help to prepare them to ‘live life in all its fullness’ in the Kingdom of God.

We provide an environment where everyone feels safe to be curious and brave in their learning and experiences.

As a school community, we are conscious that our rich canopy is not always made up of the green (positive) leaves and that life will ensure that many leaves can be different colours and experiences. We seek to develop our communities’ resilience to deal with those experiences and we are proud to be a Thrive school. We want our children to be emotionally resilient and better placed to engage with life and learning

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