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About our School


Oak Hill School is a Church of England voluntary controlled primary school for pupils aged 4 to11 years.

We are a friendly and inclusive school, committed to ensuring our children are happy, healthy and successful.  

Through our Christian values and curriculum, we encourage a caring attitude, self-respect and positive social skills.  At Oak Hill our children are always keen to tell visitors how much they enjoy coming to School and appreciate the warm family atmosphere created by their friends and staff.   They speak about how they feel safe and supported in School and how they enjoy the many amazing learning experiences and opportunities available.  

Our intake (PAN) is 15 in Reception.  Currently, our class sizes are under 15 children.  

A primary school was first established on the Alderton site in 1877 and the current school of "Oak Hill" was formed from the amalgamation of Alderton and Dumbleton primary schools in 1981.  Until 2022, the School was spread across the two village sites with over 5 miles between each base.  Infant children aged 4 to 7 years attended the Dumbleton base and children aged 7-11 years attended the Junior Base.

In September 2022 we commenced a trial of operating as a whole school based only at Alderton.  We were delighted to receive high levels of engagement from across our School community to a survey in January 2023 when we asked whether we should move towards making the trial arrangements permanent.  Respondents were unanimous in their support and so, the Board of Governors has now commenced the legal process required to permanently close the School's satellite site in Dumbleton.

At Oak Hill CE Primary School everyone is committed to enabling all pupils to develop to their full potential. We provide a warm, caring environment where children feel secure and happy.

As a church school, we place high importance on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our pupils. We strive to promote an atmosphere of learning where pupils work with a sense of purpose and enjoyment.

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I hope you will take the opportunity to visit our school. Please telephone and make an appointment to visit us. I look forward to meeting you.

Headteacher: Mr Adam Greaves