SIAMS Inspections 

The purpose of SIAMS Inspection is the improvement of Church school education through a focus on the centrality of Christian vision, shining a spotlight on the fundamental right of all pupils and adults to flourish. SIAMS inspectors ask questions about and seek evidence that demonstrates the impact that the school’s vision has directly on the lives, learning, and development of all within the school community.

A full copy of our most recent SIAMS Inspection Report is provided below.

You can learn more about SIAMS on the Church of England website by clicking here 

Further information on SIAMS is also available from the Gloucester Diocese here.  The website is an important source of information, advice and guidance for the large variety of Church of England schools located within the diocese.  You can read more about the Gloucester Diocese 'Family of Schools' here.

Click to Download Oak Hill SIAMS Report February 2018 - Good Judgement [pdf 212KB] Click to Download

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