Table of our Teaching Staff

Staff Member
Specialist Area
Mr A Greaves Head Teacher

Safeguarding Lead / Computing and Science Curriculm Lead

Miss C Tarling  Reception

EYFS / Deputy Safeguarding Lead / PSHCE and RE Curriculum Lead

Miss L Gunter Year 1/2 English and Music Curriculm Lead
Miss J Garrett Year 3/4 PE and Design & Technolog Curriculum Lead
iMiss J Attwood Year 5/6 SENCO / Matths/ MFL / History and Geography Curriculum Lead
Mrs N Kendall PPA cover Art Curriculm Lead

Support Staff

Staff Member
Mrs G Hainsworth Secretary/Finance Officer
Mrs E Brindle Secretary
Mrs E Galpin Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Chilton Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Edwards Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Slater Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Milczarek Teaching Assistant / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Keen Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Martin Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F Modgett Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms L Harding Lunchtime Supervisor