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Oak Hill Church of England Primary School 2019

September 2018 starts a new academic year for Oak Hill and with it comes lots of changes in school.  Below are just a few of the changes we are making to improve the school for the children.

Reception - Maple Class

We wanted this September to feel new and improved.  To help us with this we have named all of our classes, Reception is now called Maple Class.

New in Reception this year is a classroom carefully designed by Miss Tarling to showcase the children's work.  Display boards have been altered to ensure that the children's work takes centre stage.

Miss Tarling has also made some significant changes to the layout of the classroom and its outside space.  This will encourage the children to develop their independence and provide challenging learning opportunities across the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Year 1 and 2 - Willow class

Each of the classrooms now has a new interactive whiteboard.  These will be used across the entire curriculum and will do a lot to improve the access to ICT during lessons.  The teachers are very excited to try them out!

Miss Love has made some dramatic changes to her classroom layout.  She has swapped the entire classroom around to give her more space for teaching and the children access to a greater variety of learning opportunities.  It looks incredible.

Years 3 and 4 - Hawthorn Class

Mrs Bowen and Mrs Curtis have been busy painting their classroom over the summer.  Their beautiful classroom now looks particularly awesome thanks to colourful pictures of characters to support their first topic this year; Superheroes!

They are looking to work with Hawthorn class to help them produce Super Work, enjoy Super Reading and to continue to develop their Super Mindsets.


Year 5 and 6 - Juniper Class

Mr Davies' classroom set up ready for a fun and challenging year for our Year 5s and Year 6s.  They will be starting the year with the Groovy Greeks as their topic.

Children's books now have smart front covers on them and are colour coordinated throughout the school to match with one another and with displays.  

Each classroom includes working walls to give the children support with their learning when it is needed.  These are designed to be intereactive and will change throughout the school year to match the children's needs.

Bloom's Taxonomy is also displayed in every classroom throughout the school as Acorns.  These will be used by the children to recognise their next steps to learning.  Teachers will use them to keep pushing for increased challenge in all areas.